James Comer Points Out A Very Strange Fact Involving Trump

The left’s determination to take down former President Donald Trump is disgraceful. Recently, news broke of the pending arrest of a former president and the corrupt left-wing parrots were quick to pile on President Trump as if he were a criminal. But in reality, it’s the other side that should be looked at for criminal activity.

It shouldn’t be too surprising that a liberal District Attorney from New York would try to indict a former president with nothing but false allegations. This kind of behavior has been going on since then-candidate Trump first announced his candidacy for office. The left saw him as their biggest threat and have done everything possible to tarnish his reputation ever since.

Two times they tried to impeach President Trump based on false charges and now they are trying yet another tactic – this time aiming to use an indictment based in the southern district of New York with no evidence whatsoever against him. It seems far too convenient that this happens right after House Oversight Chairman James Comer revealed bank records showing Joe Biden’s family receiving payments directly from the Chinese Communist Party, leading many people to believe this is just an effort by some powerful leftists to divert attention away from their own misdeeds.

What DA Alvin Bragg is doing is nothing more than political theater and it won’t do anything but boost President Trump’s popularity even further among those who already support him or those who may not agree with all of his policies but still don't approve of politically motivated attacks like these. Americans want justice served fairly without bias or prejudice, something that doesn't appear likely under Bragg's leadership.

Instead of wasting resources on baseless accusations, perhaps District Attorney Bragg should focus on real criminals instead of using his power for political gain - which really isn't justice at all and does nothing but discredit our judicial system as a whole.

It's disgusting how low some people will go in order to take out someone they disagree with and hope others will follow suit without considering what effect these kinds of tactics have on our society overall - it's simply wrong and must be stopped!

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