Is Biden Making Up Stories Or Is His Memory Playing Tricks On Him?

President Joe Biden told Jewish leaders that he had visited a synagogue that was the site of an anti-Jewish massacre, however, the executive director said that Biden had never visited the synagogue.

Barb Feige, the executive director of the synagogue said that Biden had not visited the synagogue in the last three years, even before he took the office as president or even when he was a presidential candidate.

Eleven people were killed when a gunman, 48-year-old Robert Bowers, opened fire in an October 2018 attack during a service, shouting “All Jews must die.”

“I remember spending time at the, you know, going to the, you know, the Tree of Life synagogue, speaking with them,” Biden said during a virtual address before the Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur holidays.

Biden had been speaking about anti-Jewish movements, saying that such groups and sentiment had been given “too much oxygen” over the past ten years.

CNN fact-checked Biden’s statements and found that Biden claimed an event happened that was “just false.” No evidence could be found that could corroborate Biden had ever visited the synagogue.

“CNN has found no news articles, or anything else, that would serve as evidence that Biden did visit, CNN reporter Daniel Dale said.

“This was the president telling Jewish leaders in advance of the high holidays that he remembered ‘spending time’ at the site of an anti-Semitic massacre, going to the site of the anti-Semitic massacre. And there is just no evidence this is actually true.” Dale said.

Then-President Donald Trump did visit the synagogue days after the attack, where he criticized the media for focusing on protest in spite of the shooting.

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