Host Argues Reps. Are Planning Something Even Bigger Than The Capitol Riots

According to Fox News analyst Juan Williams, Republicans are carefully laying the groundwork to "steal an election" in 2025.

Williams is accusing Republicans of deflecting attention away from the disaster on January 6 by planning a bigger, better incident on January 6, 2025.

“We need to talk about Jan. 6,” Williams began. “I’m talking about Jan. 6, 2025. That’s when the U.S. Congress will meet to certify the winner of the 2024 presidential election. ‘How to Get Away With Murder’ was a recent TV crime show. As the 2024 race approaches, the Trump-GOP’s current weekly drama is titled ‘How to Get Away with Murdering Democracy.'”

Williams went on to say that brushing aside concerns about the Capitol riot — refusing to vote in favor of a commission digging into the planning and events that led up to Jan. 6 — was just the beginning in laying the groundwork to steal the 2024 election.

“Twist the arms of the honest Republicans left on Capitol Hill by scaring them with previews of the commission’s probable findings and the damage those stories could do to the party’s efforts to regain control of the House, Senate and White House,” Williams wrote.

Step two would then involve altering state-level election laws in ways that Williams says will be better for Republicans than Democrats.

“Step Two — Change election laws in states with GOP-majority legislatures,” Williams continued. “New laws in Georgia, for example, take power away from independent election boards and the secretary of state to certify election results.”

Williams said that the third step was to “suppress the votes of people who are unlikely to back Republicans: young people, college-educated whites, poor people, union members, working women, Blacks, Latinos and Asians.”

The “final plank” in the process, Williams argued, was for Republicans to block any and all legislative efforts supported by President Joe Biden and his administration. “Again, the Republicans’ focus is solely on regaining political power. They have no agenda for helping the country.

Williams goes on to argue that even from within the Republican Party, efforts are already in the works to force out anyone who did not back former President Donald Trump until there's nothing left but a base of people who believe that the 2020 election was stolen by Democrats.

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