Hospital Mix-Up Leaves Young Boy Scared For Life

A Texas family is suing Texas Children's hospital, claiming that their four-year-old son was given a vasectomy during surgery to treat a hernia in his groin.

The family’s attorney, Randy Sorrels, said the boy received an “unintended” vasectomy during the surgery.

"The standard procedure is to properly identify the anatomy, and then you cut. I think the surgeon failed to properly identify the anatomy before cutting," Sorrels said. He added that the mistake is a “rare” one.

"I've seen this mistake happen in a different case, but never a surgeon who cuts the vas deferens of a four-year-old. That's very rare, but it's pretty simple. You properly identify the anatomy before you cut it."

The family who filed a lawsuit for medical negligence is concerned about the impact the mistake will have on their son and his potential partners.

"The worse long-term effect is the impact on the four-year-old's reproductive process that will require him to go through artificial reproductive procedures," Sorrels said. "I don't think it'll be an impossibility to have children, but it could make it more difficult."

The medical malpractice attorney says the family looks to receive $500,000 in damages from Texas Children's Hospital, the maximum amount a party can receive in Texas for such a mistake. The amount is derived based on the cost of the medical expense for potential artificial reproduction procedures.


Texas Children's Hospital was recognized as No. 2 among the best children's hospitals by U.S. News & World Report Tuesday morning. The hospital was ranked 3rd last year.

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