HORRIFIC Video Shows No One Tried To Stop This Brutal Attack

A man is wanted for the brutal assault of an Asian woman that was captured on camera in the middle of broad daylight during which no one stepped in to stop it.

According to law enforcement, a 65-year-old woman was on her way to church in Midtown Manhattan when a complete stranger approaches her and kicks her to the ground, and stomps on her. The suspect then flees the scene unaware that the violent attack was caught on video.

Cops say the man can be heard making anti-Asian statements like, "F*ck you, you don't belong here."

Not only that but the video appears to show witnesses watching the attack from inside a nearby building and not one of them lifts a finger to help the woman. Employees of the building have since been suspended for witnessing the attack and doing nothing to stop it and the company has launched an investigation in conjunction with the worker's union.

The man still has not been identified or arrested but investigators are on the lookout and Governor Andrew Cuomo has called on the state's Hate Crime Task Force to work with NYPD to locate the suspect.

The Governor said, "Violence against our Asian American community is, unfortunately, becoming an epidemic in our state and across the nation, and it must stop now."

Police are asking the public for help to find the suspect and have released a close-up image of the man they believe to be responsible.

The woman suffered from a broken pelvis along with injuries to her head and leg but has since been released from the hospital.

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