Head Coach For Bishop Sycamore FIRED After The Shocking Truth Comes Out

Roy Johnson, the football coach at Bishop Sycamore, has been sacked.

Since their 58-0 thrashing of IMG Academy on ESPN this past Sunday, the Ohio school has been in the news on a nonstop basis.

After some investigation, it was discovered that Bishop Sycamore was not even a legitimate team and that they had most likely lied about having D1 recruits in order to appear on television.

They're in desperate need of a new head coach, to put it mildly. Following the debacle of a situation, according to USA Today, school director Andre Peterson fired Johnson on the grounds of failing to appropriately deal with injuries, among other things.

According to Sports Illustrated, Johnson is also wanted for failure to appear in court on a domestic violence complaint, and an arrest warrant has been issued for him.

In addition, Fox News claimed that four of Bishop Sycamore's potential opponents have withdrawn from the race.

Everyone involved is experiencing an awful nightmare as a result of this event, which has now lost Johnson his job. Bishop Sycamore fielded a team that included players who were almost probably ineligible, as well as players who had played a full game just a few days previously and who had clearly overstated their abilities in order to be featured on ESPN against IMG Academy.

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