Grieving Mother Of Slain Marine Targets President Biden And All His Followers

In a radio broadcast Saturday, the mother of deceased US Marine Rylee McCollum delivered a striking message to the Americans that voted for Biden.

“Every Democrat who is listening, you did this to my son,” the marine’s mother, Kathy McCollum, said.

“My son did die in vain. This was an unnecessary debacle. It could have been handled properly. They had months and months to remove everyone from Afghanistan and they chose not to. And so they sent in freaking what? 6,000 troops? And my son, through the laws of statistics, my son was one of the ones that just got blown up in a freaking terrorist bomb yesterday,” McCollum said.

“I never thought in a million years that he would die for nothing. For nothing. Because a feckless dementia-ridden piece of crap wanted a photo-op on Sept. 11, that’s what kills me,” McCollum said.

“Dementia-ridden piece of crap needs to be removed from office, it never would have happened under Trump,” McCollum also said.

“If my son would have gone in when my boyfriend did in March of ’03 to freaking defend our country against terrorists that would have been one thing. But this is a whole other animal.” McCollum stated.

Rylee had been married in February and was expecting his first child in September.

Steve Nikoui, Kareem Nikoui’s father, who also lost a son in the Kabul terrorist attack, earlier expressed similar sentiments and indicated that he believed Biden had “turned his back” on US service members. “My life was forever altered,” Nikoui’s father stated.

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