Great Reset Flop? Germany Diverts Money from Coal Phase-Out to Arms Industry

The German government is reportedly considering a shift in green agenda subsidies away from cutting coal power and towards the defense industry.

According to a report from Bloomberg, the German government has held confidential conversations with regional state governments to direct green subsidies to produce more weapons and ammunition, a move that is sure to create jobs in areas of the country impacted by the attempted move away from coal.

It appears that this move is part of an effort by Germany to increase its defense capabilities amid the war in Ukraine, as well as its overall presence on the world stage. This news has been met with some criticism, particularly from environmental advocates who are concerned about the implications of this decision on Germany’s commitment to sustainability and renewable energy sources.

However, there are those who argue that this reallocation of funds makes sense given the current geopolitical climate and Germany’s need for increased defense capabilities. According to Rheinmetall AG, one of Germany’s leading defense contractors, they plan to build a factory in Saxony that will produce basic components for ammunition.

This plan would not only create jobs in an area heavily impacted by coal production but also strengthen Germany’s defense infrastructure and international standing.

Though this situation may be controversial, it could be seen as an indication of how countries must often make difficult decisions when it comes to allocating their resources during times of crisis or tension.

According to Breitbart:

According to a source familiar with the plans who spoke to the news organisation, German defence contractor Rheinmetall AG is planning to build a factory to produce the basic components for ammunition in the state of Saxony, one of the main hubs of the coal industry in the country.

The defence firm is also planning on investing over €10 million into a production line near Hamburg to produce ammunition for the 30 Gepard anti-aircraft guns that Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s government has committed to sending to Ukraine following Russia’s full-scalle invasion in February 2022.


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