Former NY Mayor Comes Clean About Why Feds Raided His Apartment

Former Trump attorney and former mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani wanted to set the record straight about what led to the FBI raiding his New York apartment and office.

Giuliani said on the WABC radio show that the allegations of the search being related to him playing the middle man between Ukrainian officials and Trump are absolutely false.

His side of the story is that the feds came knocking on his door because they claim he failed to file as a foreign agent before dealing with Ukraine, which Rudy claims is also false.

Giuliani said he has tried for two years to straighten all this out with the Justice Department but they continue to ignore him. He claims to have tried on three separate occasions to put an end to all the Ukraine drama, all while under the Trump administration.

Back in November 2019, the former mayor said that anyone who would try locking him up will walk away embarrassed. However, federal investigators did seize several electronic devices belonging to Giuliani in relation to a criminal probe involving alleged dealings with Ukraine.

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