Ford Makes A Huge Announcement And Gives A Little Teaser

Ford is planning on trying to catch lightning in a bottle again as it announces its plan to unveil on May 19th at the automaker's global headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan its answer to Tesla's Cybertruck; its very own full-size electric pickup, the all-electric F-150 Lightning.

"Every so often, a new vehicle comes along that disrupts the status quo and changes the game … Model T, Mustang, Prius, Model 3. Now comes the F-150 Lightning," Ford President and CEO Jim Farley said in a news release. "America’s favorite vehicle for nearly half a century is going digital and fully electric." According to Farley, the F-150 lightning can even power your home during an outage.

Here is the teaser released earlier today:

Ford will begin production on the new F-150 Lightning next spring.

"The truck of the future will be built with quality and a commitment to sustainability by Ford-UAW workers at the Ford Rouge Complex -- the cathedral of American manufacturing and our most advanced plant," Farley added.

The ‘Lightning’ name has previously been used on high-performance versions of the F-150, most recently in 2004. This time around the all-electric version will be even quicker than the original F-150 Lightning performance truck and will constantly improve through over-the-air updates. It appears that the Lightning will be a real truck for Americans and Farley seems to agree.

"Simply put, this isn’t a gimmick. It’s a workhorse, not a show horse destined for a shiny garage filled with four other luxury cars. It’s not for never-nevers -- never tow, never haul – it’s for serious truck owners," he said.

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