Florida Man Calls Police To Report President Biden's Crimes

A Florida man is facing charges after calling 911 to suggest that President Joe Biden needed to be put in jail. Jacob Philbeck 29, of Palm Harbor, was arrested last Sunday for calling 911 dispatchers multiple times to say “El Chapo needed to be freed from prison and President Biden needed to be placed into prison,” according to an arrest report.

Dispatchers informed Philbeck that because his calls were not related to an emergency he needed to stop calling unless there was an actual emergency.

Deputies said that Philbeck called the 911 emergency line three times within a one-hour period.

Shortly after speaking to one operator, Philbeck called 911 again and spoke with a different operator about the “exact same issue,” the report added. Deputies were dispatched to Philbeck’s home in Palm Harbor, where they asked him why he called the emergency line for a non-emergency.

Philbeck told deputies, “El Chapo needed to be freed” and “President Biden needed to be placed in prison,” arrest documents added.

He was arrested and charged for the misuse of the wireless 911 system to report a non-emergency and noncriminal matter.

Documents indicate that Philbeck was under the influence of alcohol at the time of his arrest. His bond was set at $150.

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