Family Dog Meets Tragic Fate At The Park

A Florida family is mourning the death of their dog after a visit to the park went terribly wrong.

Wildlife authorities said Joshua Wells was engaged in his usual lunchtime routine earlier this month, where he would take his 40-pound black Labrador retriever, Toby, out for a walk and a quick game of fetch at a local park when an alligator attacked them.

Wells was walking with Toby to the J.R. Alford Greenway Trail, a popular park in Tallahassee, for their usual daily playtime, when a 9-foot alligator lurched out from a nearby waterway, grabbed the dog by his head, and carried it back into the water.

Wells said it all happened so fast that the dog never had time to respond.

"Boom, the water just sort of exploded," Wells said. "He never barked. He never saw it."

"It took him down like it was nothing," he added.

Wells told officials he attempted to rescue Toby by grabbing the gator but knew it was a mistake when he saw its size.

"He said he soon realized that was not a good idea and let the alligator go," the Florida Wildlife Officials said.

Officials who responded to the scene were able to track down the alligator.

FWC Officer Benjamin Johnson said the alligator measured 9 feet, 2-inches in length.

A trapper later discovered the dog’s remains in the same area the alligator was found.

The dog was not on a leash at the time of the incident. The wildlife agency encourages anyone near water to keep pets on leashes.

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