Doctors Abandon Their Patients In Massive Walkout

A record number of physicians walked out of the hospital in protest of the excessive occupancy of ICU beds filled with patients who have not received any vaccination for COVID-19. Nearly 100 doctors walked away from their duties.

In Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, the doctors asked that the unvaccinated see the value of immunizations, and also to overlook potentially misleading information regarding vaccine safety and effectiveness. While Florida’s ICU units are reaching maximum capacity, a surge of 21% of cases and 28% of hospitalizations occurred in the Sunshine State during the two weeks prior.

“It’s incredibly frustrating because we know vaccines are safe and effective,” said emergency room doctor JT Snarski in an interview with “Morning Joe” Monday morning. “Vaccines are safe, and we need to get our communities vaccinated.”

The walkout is becoming a trend among doctors, especially pediatricians, who have lost their patients with those choosing not to vaccinate their children. One doctor in Alabama doctor announced he will no longer be accepting unvaccinated patients starting in October.

These doctors are putting everyone at risk for not fulfilling their obligations to treat all patients but if the vaccine is so ‘effective,’ then why are they worried about risks that shouldn’t exist?

While the number of flu vaccination in Florida has increased dramatically in the previous month, only 72% of Floridians 12 and older currently have at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.

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