Deadly Cicada Attack Nearly Cost This Man His Life

If you were just a kid like I was the last time I saw those creepy bug shells all over the sides of the trees then you'll know what's about to happen when the cicadas come out from underground, just like they do about every 17 years, mate, lay their eggs then die.

But sometimes the presence of these big bugs can cause problems for those of us who have been above ground living our lives for the past 17 years. A cicada in Cincinnati caused a car to veer off the road and strike a utility pole after it flew in through the window and into the face of the driver

Thankfully the driver suffered no live threatening injuries but the vehicle itself was not so lucky.

There was no word on if the cicada survived the crash.


So they're mostly harmless but cicadas do have a history of causing some trouble. Before the car crash, cicadas reportedly caused a White House press corps flight heading overseas to be delayed during President Joe Biden’s first foreign trip after causing mechanical issues on the plane.

“The cicadas are making that sound because it's all about romance,” said Michael Raupp, professor of entomology at the University of Maryland. “This is the male cicada trying to convince that special someone that she should be the mother of his nymphs. He's putting on his very best performance.”

These beady-eyed insects generally live underground but most people, especially down south, know them for the loud chirping noises they make all night long. This year's generation of cicadas is known as Brood X, which includes three different types of bugs.

“To me, they're fantastic,” Raupp added. “They only come out once every 17 years for a spectacle unparalleled anywhere else on the planet. They're just unique, special creatures.”

So if you're out driving and run into a swarm of the bugs, just be careful because cicadas can wreak havoc. The cicadas should begin go back into hiding around the end of June, giving us a long break before they return sometime in 2038

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