Critics Destroy Biden After His Bad Joke Falls Flat

Because of what many saw as a tone-deaf parody of a meme from the Tina Fey film "Mean Girls," President Joe Biden received a lot of backlash.


The film's titular "mean girls," portrayed by Rachel McAdams and Lacey Chabert, drive up next to the unaware new girl, played by Lindsay Lohan, in a scenario that serves as the basis for the joke.


President Biden uploaded a picture of himself in his 1967 Corvette convertible on Monday, October 3, which also happened to be "Mean Girls Day," along with the remark, "Get in, guys. We are constructing a better America.



Here are some of the best bashes on Biden from his critics on Twitter.


“Anytime a politician uses the word ‘folks’ I pat my back pocket to make sure I still have my wallet,” @RotNScoundrel tweeted in response.


“Is that electric?” John Jackson asked, referencing the Biden administration’s repeated pushes to get more Americans into electric vehicles.

“We can’t afford groceries, gas & goods and you post a picture of yourself in an expensive, gas powered vehicle claiming you are doing a good job. You are completely out of touch with Americans. You are a hypocritical ass,” @RetiredNikitaM made it clear that she was not a fan.


Even a few who claimed to lean Left voiced their complaints — like @Bidentracking (“Tracking Biden from the left”), who tweeted: “Hasn’t increased the minimum wage, hasn’t legalized marijuana, hasn’t introduced a public option, held the largest oil and gas sale in US history. What better America?”


Former Hillary Clinton aide Peter Daou also took a swing at Biden, adding, “Kids are still in cages. Hundreds of thousands are homeless. Millions lack health care. Tens of millions live paycheck to paycheck. Entire cities don’t have clean water. The climate emergency threatens our existence. But hey …”


“14 miles per gallon. The elite make their own rules,” Breitbart’s Joel Pollak remarked.

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