Congresswoman-Elect Wants Democrats To Take Back Control From Internet Trolls

Republican Congresswoman-elect Beth Van Duyne is fed up with internet bullies on social media who think they know better than lawmakers and she hopes the Democrats have the gall stand up against them.

During an interview on "Fox & Friends," Van Duyne said, " I'm really hoping that you've got Democrats who are willing to stand up and speak out against the radical Twitter trolls that have taken over and hijacked their party with conversations of defunding police and complete government takeover and stripping people of their private health insurance and really looking at gutting millions of jobs across the country."

Van Duyne lashed out at House Democrats for the "political theatre" of the past couple of years, including attempting to impeach President Trump, arguing that they failed many Americans by refusing to work with Republicans on an infrastructure bill to provide millions of jobs.

The congresswoman beat Candace Valenzuela in the race for Texas' 24th district House seat. In the days leading up to the election early voters gave Democrats hope that for the first time in over forty years the party could turn the Lone Star State from red to blue.

“We have always been bullish on Texas and are taking the Lone Star State seriously," sai Biden for President Texas state director Rebecca Acuna. "Trump's severe mismanagement of this pandemic and the resulting economic crisis has left Texans fed up and ready for change."

Van Duyne will be replacing Republican Kenny Marchant who is retiring. She said that residents of Texas "have seen a radical agenda."

“We have seen a tough election across the country where literally hundreds and millions of dollars have been spent against Republicans,” Van Duyne said. “The idea of defunding the police and gutting millions of jobs out of our economy and, basically, government policies that would take a lot of control out of the American people have been what they focused on."

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