Chicago Weekend Of Terror Leaves A Trail Of Dead And Wounded

Mayor Lori Lightfoot is facing violent crime in Chicago that is trending at an alarming pace with 32 people shot and 9 dead over the weekend.

According to officials, there were at least 21 juveniles arrested, with officers recovering two “replica” firearms.

A 15-year-old boy assaulted a Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) bus driver while the driver was doing an inspection on his bus near North Michigan Avenue Saturday, the driver was seriously injured during the attack and hospitalized for treatment.

Approximately three hours later, another 15-year-old was shot after officers responded to a horde of young people in downtown Chicago.

A 19-year-old remains in the hospital where he is reported to be in fai.r condition after being shot Sunday night while he was walking near the South Side.

The windy city has seen a significant surge of violent crime recently with the downtown area facing a 220% spike in total shootings per 1,000 residents since 2019, additionally, as of October this year there have been at least 617 people there were fatally shot and at least 3,768 others have been injured as a result of crime in Chicago.

A crime summit was held Monday at the University of Chicago to discuss the issue, the meeting included police, prosecutors, and members of the community.

The panel discussion also heard testimony from victims of crime, including Gregg whose 4-year-old son was shot earlier this year, she proposed tougher sentences for child killers and crime units to track them down.

"Make it something where people know if you want to come to Illinois, if you want to come to the city of Chicago and you want to shoot the child, there will be a special investigation unit coming after you," Gregg said.

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