Chauvin Trial Juror Says The Hardest Part Was Watching Floyd Die Over And Over

For one of the jurors on the Derek Chauvin murder trial, the decision to reach a guilty verdict wasn't the most difficult part of the job but it never got easier to watch all of the horrible videos on repeat throughout the 3-week trial.

Brandon Mitchell, also known as Juror #52 on the case, appeared on 'CBS This Morning' and 'Good Morning America' to give some interesting insights. Host Gayle King asked Mitchell if he or any of the other jurors felt pressure to deliver guilty verdicts on all counts. He did not deny there was stress but not from where you would think.

If you have seen any of the videos yourself you know it had to be stomach-turning every time the jurors had to watch George Floyd die. It's obvious that Mitchell took a lot of what was discussed during the trial personally being a tall Black male, slightly similar in description to Floyd.

GMA's Robin Roberts asked a question that everyone has been wanting to ask: How were they able to reach consensus in such a short about of time? It took the jurors just 10 hours to come to an agreement after a 3-week-long emotional and difficult trial.

Mitchell says there were no major hang-ups except on how to interpret the instructions. He tells how the group had to reread the instructions over again several times before one apprehensive juror came around.

As previously reported, Chauvin was found guilty on all counts, second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder, and second-degree manslaughter. The ex-cop is facing 40 years in prison depending on the outcome of his sentencing which is set for late June. Until then, Chauvin remains behind bars.

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