Caught On TAPE: California Amazon Driver Assaults Elderly Lady And Tells Her To Check Her ‘White Privilege’

Castro Valley, California: Footage has emerged of an Amazon delivery driver assaulting a 67-year-old woman over a package dispute after telling her to check her “white privilege.”

Officers were able to take Itzel Ramirez, 21, into custody earlier this week after receiving a 911 call from the victim. The security footage shows Ramirez punching the elderly woman over ten times around the face and the back of her head.

Ramirez claims she was acting in self-defense at the time from the victim. From the footage below, what do you think?

Doug Smith, the owner of Vista Creek Apartments, where the altercation took place, has made a statement concerning the incident to KVTU. He stated that the incident started after the victim received an alert that her package had been delivered. However, when the victim arrived in the lobby the package was not there.

After asking Ramirez where the package was, she reportedly told the victim she'd get her package soon. The victim then waited 15 minutes in the lobby before coming back outside again.

"I believe the Amazon driver said something about ‘your White privilege,’ and my tenant said, ‘You don’t need to be a bitch about it,' turned around and walked away," Smith told KVTU.

Ramirez, who has been arrested on suspicion of battery causing serious bodily injury and elder abuse, both felonies, claims she was acting in self defense. Her bail has been set at $100,000.

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