Capitol Police Officer Suspended After Accidental Shooting

A U.S. Capitol Police Officer (USCP) has been suspended after accidentally discharging their firearm sparking an investigation.

An unknown member of the USCP discharged their weapon in the breakroom under the Cannon House Office Building Tuesday.

The officer who fired the weapon has been suspended pending the department’s investigation, the department confirmed in a statement.

“The Capitol Police’s Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) is investigating the discharge of a USCP weapon inside a breakroom in the Cannon Office Building. The officer has been suspended while OPR investigates the incident,” the USCP spokesperson said in a statement.

The department spokesman refused to disclose the officer’s identity or comment on how long the department expects the investigation to take. “At this time, we cannot say more as this is an open investigation, he added.

The officer shot his USCP-issued firearm through a desk around 8:00 am Tuesday morning with no resulting injuries, according to authorities.

Former Capitol Hill Police Chief Kim Dine made it a  requirement for officers to receive extra firearm training following three high-profile incidents in 2015 where USCP-issued firearms were found left in the public spaces inside the Capitol – including an instance where a 7-year-old child found a weapon issued to a member of former Republican House Speaker John Boehner’s security detail.

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