California Mudslide Sweeps Away Family Jeep

A Southern California family living in a mountain community captured a video of the gut-wrenching moment a mudslide swept their Jeep from the driveway and down a hillside earlier this month.

Jessica Richey and her family were inside their Forest Falls home when downpours from Tropical Storm Kay triggered a mudslide.

In parts of the community and nearby Oak Glen, the mudslides caused a large debris flow, full of mud and "extremely large boulders," to rush downhill "and carrying away everything in its path," authorities said.

The mudslide that rushed past the Richeys' home didn’t just carry rocks and debris – it took the family’s car as well.

"Mom, the Jeep is gone," Richey’s son can be heard saying on the video.

Video from the family’s doorbell camera captured the moment that the Jeep was swept away.

On Sept. 12, late thunderstorms caused the mudslides, that carried rocks, trees, and earth that washed away cars, buried homes, and affected 3,000 residents in Forest Falls and Oak Glen.

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