Watch: Brit Hume Shocked by Outrageous CBS Move!

On the Jan. 5 episode of Fox Business Tonight, anchor David Asman and Fox News chief political analyst Brit Hume discussed the recent 60 Minutes segment featuring population-obsessed climate fanatic Paul Ehrlich.

Hume was highly critical of CBS, calling them out for allowing Ehrlich to peddle his outdated propaganda and going along with the “woke mob” in giving him a platform.

Ehrlich's History of Being Wrong on the Issue of Climate Change

The point that Hume made was that it isn’t just that Paul Ehrlich has been wrong — he has been famously and extravagantly wrong. In 1968, Ehrlich wrote a book called "Population Bomb," in which he predicted a population-driven climate apocalypse in the 1970s which never materialized. Despite this, he continued to push this false narrative on the New Year’s Day edition of 60 Minutes.

Hume was particularly vocal about what he views as an example of liberal media bias by CBS News in giving someone like Ehrlich a platform to speak on such an important issue. He noted that if someone who is this clearly wrong about something so important is given airtime, then people should be more aware that they are being misled by these networks and other mainstream media outlets.

The Need for Accurate Information from Mainstream Media Outlets

It is no secret that there are often biases present when it comes to news reporting, especially when it comes to issues related to politics or climate change. It is essential for news outlets like CBS News to ensure accuracy when reporting on these topics because they have such a large reach and influence over public opinion. People rely on these outlets for information and should not be taken advantage of by being fed inaccurate or misleading information. If networks continue to give airtime to people like Paul Ehrlich who have been proven wrong time and again, then trust in mainstream media outlets will erode even further than it already has been in recent years.


Brit Hume did not mince words when it came to criticizing CBS News for giving Paul Ehrlich a platform on their show 60 Minutes despite his long history of being wrong about population-driven climate change predictions from decades ago.

This is just another example of how mainstream media outlets need to ensure accuracy when reporting on politically charged topics such as climate change because trust in these sources can easily be lost if people are fed inaccurate information from biased sources like Paul Ehrlich. It is up to networks like CBS News to hold themselves accountable for providing accurate information rather than pandering to the “woke mob” by giving airtime to discredited figures like him.

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