BREAKING NEWS! DA Grants Pardon To Someone Involved In George Floyd Case

The District Attorney’s Office that presides over the Harris County District in Texas is pressing to grant George Floyd a posthumous pardon for his 2004 drug charge.

Last week, a jury found former police officer Derek Chauvin guilty on all counts of the murder of Floyd while attempting to arrest him in Minneapolis last year. His death sent the nation into turmoil as hundreds of thousands of protesters marched in the largest cities of the nation.

Floyd pleaded guilty to a charge of delivery of a controlled substance in 2004 after former Houston police officer Gerald Goines claimed he caught Floyd in dealing cocaine. Goines has been accused of fabricating evidence by a Harris County public defender on Monday and that Floyd only pleaded guilty to avoid a harsher sentence. George Floyd served only 10 months in state prison after pleading guilty to the drug charge.

“He was a good man who is missed dearly by friends and family,” Harris County public defender Allison Mathis wrote of Floyd in the request. “But this pardon is being sought because it is just and right to clear a conviction that is not supported by evidence with the new information that has come to light.”

District Attorney Kim Ogg announced her support for the pardon in a statement on Monday.

“As part of our ongoing investigation of police corruption exposed by the Harding Street killings, we looked into posthumous relief for a 2004 drug conviction that ensnared George Floyd in the criminal justice system so long ago,” Ogg said. “Prosecutors determined in 2019 that Floyd had been convicted on the lone word of Gerald Goines, a police officer we could no longer trust; we fully support a request that the Governor now pardon George Floyd from that drug conviction.”

Authorities after an investigation into Goines after two people died in a January 2019 police drug raid determined that Goines may have fabricated evidence for hundreds of drug arrests. Prosecutors have dropped hundreds of cases involving Goines.

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