BREAKING: Navy Medic Shoots 2 In Active Shooter Situation Then Shot Dead On Military Base

Earlier today on Tuesday, a Navy medic shot two people at a Maryland business park. Both were critically wounded from their injuries. The medic then fled to a nearby Army base where he was shot and killed, U.S. Navy officials said.

There is little known at this time of possible motive and if there was any relationship with the victims as Frederick Police Chief Jason Lando said. In Lando’s statement, he stated that the Navy medic entered a business at the Riverside Tech Park, causing people inside to flee, but it was unclear if the shooting took place inside or outside.

The medic then fled to the nearby Army base of Fort Detrick where he was shot by base personnel, Lando said at a news conference.

The U.S. Navy went to different social media platforms like Twitter to release their initial statements. They stated that there was an “active shooter incident” at Fort Detrick “involving U.S. sailors” and that the shooter, a Navy medic assigned to the base, was killed.

The gunman drove through a gate at an entrance to the base before military personnel confronted him on a road inside, said Fort Detrick spokeswoman Lanessa Hill.

“It wasn’t that long after he came through the gate” that the shooter was stopped, Hill said. “Not even a quarter of a mile.” She said Frederick police had given base officials advance notice, “so we knew that he was out there.”

Fort Detrick is home to the military’s flagship biological defense laboratory and several federal civilian biodefense labs. About 10,000 military personnel and civilians work on the base, which encompasses about 1,300 acres (526 hectares) in the city of Frederick.

Frederick Mayor Michael O’Connor said the base is a huge economic driver in the region, drawing scientists, military personnel, and their families to the community.

“When these incidents happen in other places, you’re always grateful that it’s not your community,” O’Connor added. “But you always know, perhaps in the back of your mind, that’s just luck — that there isn’t any reason why it couldn’t happen here. And today it did.”

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