BREAKING: Active Denver Shooting Results In One Dead, And Five Injured

A fatal shooting occurred in downtown Denver, Colorado, ending with one killed and five others were injured.

The Associated Press released a statement saying that the incident took place in the vicinity of a nightclub and music hall downtown, and the bars had already closed when it occurred. Though their condition was not disclosed, two persons were brought to the hospital with significant injuries.

Authorities report that one individual died as a result of his injuries, three others sustained minor injuries, and two more sustained non-life-threatening injuries. No one has been arrested as a result of the incident.

“A total of 6 individuals were injured by gunfire. 1 of those victims an adult male, died from his injuries,” the department said in a statement Sunday evening.


After a spree of active shootings, Denver witnessed a sharp uptick in gun violence at the beginning of August.

Between August 6 and August 8, fourteen people were shot in eight distinct incidents in downtown Denver, according to an article published in the Westword. On August 6, following the Colorado Rockies' baseball game, a concession worker was fatally shot and another man died as a result of gunshot wounds.

According to Fox News, the event occurred last Friday, and two people have been arrested and charged with first-degree murder and first-degree assault. One of the suspects allegedly got into an altercation with the victim, with the other suspect working in the stadium's concessions.

The Denver Post stated that the four males arrested in connection with the deadly shooting of an 18-year-old student outside a Denver school on Tuesday came from various Denver communities. A fifth suspect is still at large and is thought to be connected to the group's alleged crime spree.

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