Biden’s “Secret” Blacklist is finally coming back to bite him on the behind!

President Biden’s administration has been in office for a while now and it is becoming increasingly clear that his press relations are not living up to the lofty promises he made on the campaign trail.

The recent blacklisting of reporters from a holiday party is just one example of how Biden has failed to protect reporters’ rights and access to information. Unfortunately, this is part of a larger pattern that needs to be addressed.

“One veteran White House reporter told The Post, “How many acts of petty blacklisting does this White House have to commit against accredited members of the news media before a consensus forms that President Biden is neither a champion of a free press, as he so frequently claims, nor a man of decency, as his supporters claim on his behalf?”

In recent weeks, news outlets have reported that some reporters were blocked from attending a White House holiday party because they had asked questions deemed too critical or controversial by the Biden administration. As one veteran White House reporter noted, this kind of blacklisting raises serious concerns about whether or not President Biden is truly a champion of press freedom. This type of behavior should never be tolerated.

Furthermore, this incident follows other troubling instances where the Biden administration has attempted to control what questions reporters can ask and when they can ask them. During press conferences, for example, Biden admin often selects certain reporters whom he believes will ask less challenging questions. This type of cherry-picking of journalists by an administration is unacceptable and undermines the very purpose of having a free press in the first place.

In addition, reports suggest that some outlets have been completely shut out from receiving any type of interview with President Biden since he took office. This further raises questions about whether or not Biden values open dialogue with all media organizations, regardless of their editorial stance on issues or his presidency overall.


It is essential that members of the mainstream media continue speaking out against these types of abuses by President Biden and his administration as they threaten our democracy and free press rights. This holiday season we should all come together to remind him—and future presidents—that we expect nothing less than transparency from our elected officials when it comes to providing answers and information to citizens through the media’s watchdog role. Anything less would be unacceptable in a democratic society such as ours.

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