Biden's Budget Increases To Over $6 TRILLION And Not One Cent Goes To Defending Our Country

Republican Representative Jason Smith said during an interview on Fox News' "Sunday Morning Futures," that President Biden's increased budget of $6 trillion is crazy and not one extra cent went toward funding the Department of Homeland Security despite the worsening border crisis.

“This budget that President Biden released a week ago Friday … provides $69 trillion of spending over 10 years, $6 trillion of spending just this year, but they couldn’t find one additional dollar for the border wall, let alone a zero percent increase for [DHS] when we’re facing the border crisis?” Smith asked.

"It's crazy," he said adding that those numbers are "astounding."

Smith said that since Biden became president, “more people have illegally crossed the southern border than the entire population of Kansas City, Missouri.”

The Missouri congressman, who’s a ranking member of the House Budget Committee, pointed out that this budget is the first released by the Democrats since Nancy Pelosi became House speaker in January 2019.

“And as Nancy Pelosi said," Smith continued, "a budget is a statement of their values and clearly by this budget it shows that they have very little concern for our men and women in uniform.”

Smith assumes Biden's plans are “to spend more money in 10 years on interest on our debt, which is $914 billion than they want to spend on our military.” The measly 1.6% increase in defense funding is lower than the rate of inflation but that number pales beside the spending available for the Environmental Protection Agency, which will be granted a 22% increase.

The budget also includes “87,000 new auditors” to be hired by the Internal Revenue Service, Smith said.

Biden officials estimated the budget increasing to $8.3 trillion by 2031 while accumulating an annual budget deficit of $1.3 trillion. This increase would surpass Second World War spending as early as 2024.

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