Biden Greeted By Hostile Michigan Protesters As He Attempts To Repair Expensive Agenda

President Joe Biden visited Michigan Tuesday to bolster his flailing “Build Back Better” agenda - instead there was, yet again, a group of angry protesters waiting to greet him close to the site where he delivered his speech.

There were approximately 500 protesters in Howell, according to the Detroit Free Press, with many of the protesters chanting the familiar anti-Biden chants we’ve been hearing recently.

Protesters cheered as a green front-end loader drove past sporting a “No Biden'' sign, another sign in the crowd read, “Build Back Broke,” according to the publication.

Many in the crowd said they were opposed to the Democrats’ proposed $1.5 trillion infrastructure bill or the $3.5 trillion alleged reconciliation bill of safety-net spending that the majority of Biden’s party is working to pass as a package.

"The money has to come from somewhere," protester Londa Gatt told FOX 2. "You can’t keep printing it."

"I think this is reflective of how upset people in everyday America are, when you leave the Washington bubble, about the spending going on in Washington, D.C.," Meghan Reckling, chair of the Livingston County Republicans in Michigan, said in an interview with the local station.

Some of the protesters were asked why they thought Biden chose to speak in Howell.

"The easy answer is, he is probably trying to boost Slotkin and give her some props," Meshawn Maddock, co-chair of the Michigan Republican Party, said referring to Democratic U.S. Rep. Elissa Slotkin, who will be up for reelection in 2022. "I think it is a clear indication of where Slotkin is going to be on this (infrastructure) vote."

"Slotkin is not the moderate she said she was," Republican Paul Junge, Slotkin’s 2020 opponent, told a Detroit news reporter at the demonstration. "The people of this district are going to see it and vote her out. I intend to be that alternative."

"Sleepy Joe thinks that this is sleepy little Howell and it’s not," protester Jackie Ludwig told the Detroit news.

"We just want Biden to know we’re not happy with his spending," Ludwig’s husband, Philip Ludwig, added. "We’re not happy with the way our country’s going and the job he’s performing. And we would like him to step down."

The president said his agenda was designed as a "reinvestment" in America that would allow the U.S. to remain relevant in the global economy in the future.

“The challenge of the day is one of economic competition, Biden said, adding that the U.S. needs to “invest in ourselves to show the world that American democracy works.

Biden’s visit to Michigan came as his approval ratings have dropped both in Michigan and around the nation.

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