Biden Finally Said When He Will Announce His Stance On Court-Packing

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has announced that he will "make clear" his position on court-packing after the Senate votes on the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett.

“I'm going to make clear my position in the next several days when they vote on this nominee," Biden said during an interview with Fox 2 Detroit, "but I’ve got to keep the focus on that."

Biden later added that "when the [Senate Judiciary] Committee makes the decision, and the vote begins to occur, that's when I'll let you know my position.”

The former vice president argued that Republicans were already "packing the court" by filling the vacancy left by the late Justice Rith Bader Ginsburg by nominating Amy Coney Barrett. Democrats have said the Republicans are rushing the process too close to Election Day, with many Americans already voting.

The notion of court-packing has gained traction with Democrats since Republicans refused to hold hearings for then-President Barack Obama nominee Merrick Garland in 2016. Even though several Democrats in the presidential primary supported the idea of court-packing at the time, Biden rejected it.

Now that the subject has been brought up again in recent weeks, Biden has been very evasive on the subject. When asked if American voters deserved to know his stance on court-packing Biden responded, "No, they don't." That didn't go over very well and last week he changed his tone and said voters "do have a right to know where I stand."

However, in the interview, he still would not give a straight answer when asked if packing the court would be appropriate.

Biden would only say, “As you know, I've not been a fan of packing the court but what might happen is that we have to take a look at how this all works out and determine whether there's other means by which we should take a look at how to make sure that this kind of thing doesn’t happen."

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