Biden Campaign Sent Into A Panic When They See New Polls From Florida

Joe Biden's campaign has been in panic mode since President Trump's recent gains in South Florida and Miami-Dade County.

The incumbent has way outdone himself by spending about $4 million more than the former vice president on television ads with most of them being Spanish-language ads.

Also, many of the president's conservative allies have begun messaging Spanish speaking voters on WhatsApp.

The state's most populous county's Republicans have fielded candidates in five essential local races, all of whom are Cuban American.

This week's new local polling revealed that Biden's margins are not even meeting those of Hillary Clinton in 2016 in the critical county. In an effort to the situation, his campaign has since added Latino staff members in Florida and focusing more on his media presence in Miami-Dade county.

The Biden campaign launched a national voter outreach campaign that is meant to work together with Latino business leaders to promote their message of entrepreneurship but Trump predicts that by competing hard in Democratic areas it will backfire in other parts of the state.

During his time in office, Trump has spent a lot of time in South Florida. His continuous outreach over the years in Miami-Dade has amassed support from many of the Cuban American voters with 72% of registered Republicans being Hispanics.

Florida is known for its tight races and has 29 electoral votes. The Sunshine State has always been one of the largest swing-state prizes in the Electoral College.

Back in 2012, President Barack Obama won Miami-Dade by just 4 percentage points and secured Florida's Hispanic vote by winning 60% of the vote. However, four years later he lost the statewide Cuban American vote to Mitt Romney 48% to 52%.

In 2016, Clinton may have won Miami-Dade County by 30 percentage points and came out ahead of Trump for the statewide Hispanic vote but it was her performance with Cuban American voters that cost her the election.

History proves that Biden's efforts will be too little too late. The numbers don't lie.

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