Biden Appears To Have A Mental Break While Addressing The Damage From Hurricane Ida

I sometimes wonder what is happening inside President Joe Biden's mind these public appearances. Does he hear himself when he speaks? Does he even believe the things he says?

Earlier this week Biden struggled to get through his briefing on Hurricane Ida, stating that "tornado" is an antiquated word.

Biden visited New York and New Jersey to observe the damage caused by Hurricane Ida. He spoke to the people about the damage and accounted similar weather events across the country to climate change.

"We've got to make sure that we don't leave any community behind, and it's all across the country," Biden said during the press conference in New Jersey.

Then he spoke on the damage left behind from tornadoes in some middle states.

"The members of Congress know, from their colleagues in Congress that, uh, you know, the, looks like a tornado, they don't call them that anymore, that hit the crops and wetlands in the middle of the country, in Iowa and Nevada, It's just across the board."

He explained how he planned on helping them build back their homes and communities.

"One of the things that today I'm going to ask you about how we're going to build back, and we're going to build back realizing what the status of the climate is now, what the trajectory of it is going to be, and we can no longer, we all know, we can't just build back to what it was before."

Lets hope he'll remember these promises later and put his money where his mouth is.

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