Biden Appears Terribly Confused And Exhausted At His First Overseas Summit

During a press conference at the G-7 Summit in Cornwall, United Kingdom, appeared lost and confused and even mixed up Libya with Syria three times.

Biden answered several questions from NBC News' Peter Alexander about the administration's actions against Russian President Vladimir Putin. The president also talked about Russia continuing to take military action in Syria but mistakenly confused the country with Libya three different times.

The president started off by saying, "There is no guarantee you can chang a person's behavior or the behavior of their country. Autocrats have enormous power and they do not have to answer to a public. The fact is that it may very well be if I respond in kind, which I will, that it does not dissuade him."

"He wants to keep going," he continued. "But I think we’re gonna be moving in a direction where Russia has its own dilemmas, let us say, in dealing with its economy, dealing with — COVID, and dealing with, not only the United States but Europe writ large and the Middle East.”

“There is a lot going on where we can work together with Russia. For example, in Libya, we should be opening up the passes to be able to go through and provide — food assistance — an economic, I mean — vital assistance to a population that is in real trouble. I think I’m gonna very hard — by the way there’s places where — I should not be starting off by negotiating in public here, but let me say it this way — Russia has engaged in activities which we believe are contrary to international norms,” Biden said, clearly struggling to get through a sentence.

“They have also bitten off some real problems they’re gonna have trouble chewing on. For example, the rebuilding of Syria, of Libya — you know, this is — they’re there and as long as they’re there without the ability to bring about some order in the region, you can’t do that very well without providing or the basic economic needs of people, so I am hopeful that we can find accommodation where we can save the lives of people in, for example, in Libya consistent with the interests of — may be far different reasons — but for the same reasons,” the president concluded.

The clip spread quickly across Twitter with President Biden’s critics pointing out his common tendency to gaffe, and again called into question the state of his cognitive abilities, which has been under scrutiny since he launched his campaign for president.

Biden’s appearance at the G-7 Summit marks his first trip overseas as President of the United States.

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