Biden Abuses His Power To Reverse Student Loan Repayments

Biden announced earlier this year that the federal government would provide up to $10,000 in student loan relief to selected borrowers, but the action has since been contested in court.

After courts halted his handout plan due to a string of legal issues, President Biden changed his mind about student loan repayments.

"This is really, I think, the greatest abuse of this era in terms of just blatantly unconstitutional," said Fox News contributor James Freeman. "We all understand that the legislative power in this country resides in the Congress. He has to get congressional authorization to appropriate huge sums of money. He has not done that."

"He recently pretended that he had, bizarrely claiming that he had signed a bill passed by Congress," Freeman added. "It was a complete falsehood that's never occurred."

Biden originally said he would end the student loan repayment moratorium by December 31; however, he has since extended it through June of 2019.

Who knows if or when borrowers will need to make payments again? the Wall Street Journal editorial board posed in reference to the policy, which they dubbed "Biden's eternal emergency."


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