Being Pro Defund The Police Horribly Backfires On Rep. Cori Bush

Democratic Missouri Rep. Cori Bush confirmed that her vehicle had been shot in St. Louis on Saturday.

“I’m touched by everyone who has reached out. Thankfully no one was harmed. But any act of gun violence shakes your soul,” Bush said.

“No one should have to fear for their safety here in St. Louis and that is exactly why our movement is working every day to invest in our communities, eradicate the root causes of gun violence, and keep every neighborhood safe,” she added.

Bush is a St. Louis native and is the second member of Congress to be victimized by violent crime in the last two months. Pennsylvania Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon was carjacked at gunpoint in downtown Philadelphia in December.

A member of the left-wing “Squad,” Bush is a proponent of defunding both police and the Defense Department. Despite her position on government-funded police departments, Bush has spent thousands of dollars on private security since she entered Congress in 2021. Of those funds, $880 were official disbursements, meaning that they came from taxpayers.

“You would rather me die? Is that what you want to see? Do you want to see me die? Because that could be the alternative,” she said while defending her private security in August.

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