BREAKING! ANTIFA Displays Unusual Appreciation For Constitution in Latest Move

When you give Antifa any power at all the freedom of speech and a free press go out the window as they destroy everyone and everything they disagree with. If you aren't with them, you are against them.

This is the reality in Portland where political leadership has spun out of control. This is the same leadership that has defunded the police in Portland causing even more violence and riots. Does Joe Biden agree with this chaos? We don't know because unlike President Trump, he won't answer any questions. It was never even mentioned at the DNC.

On Friday night, the riots took a disturbing turn. As the violence rages on for more than 80 straight days hundreds of rioters stormed neighborhoods and threatened citizens.

According to the Daily Wire:

Hundreds of far-left activists stormed a residential neighborhood in Portland, Oregon on Friday night as they shined lights into people’s home and screamed, “out of your house, into the streets!”

Videographer BG On the Scene captured numerous videos of the night’s action and identified those who were marching as Black Lives Matter protesters.

Where are the police during this terrifying ambush? Nowhere because the Democrats in charge there ordered them to do nothing. Despite this, the rioters have come up with disgusting new means of attack against police officers.

As many as 200 demonstrators rampaged near a police station in the Oregon city, pelting a protective line of unoccupied police vehicles with golf balls, softball-sized rocks, metal railroad spikes, paint-filled plastic eggs and balloons filled with feces. (emphasis added)

The member of Antifa must seriously be disturbed to come up with this concept and then actually carry out the attack. None of the tactics Antifa and BLM have been using can be considered peaceful but this is a whole new level of horrifying.

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